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An open letter to Donald Trump fans


Dear Donald Trump fans:

You guys – really?

OK, fine. I have to accept that there are people out there who honesty think that Donald Trump is a viable candidate for president. I have to accept that you are entitled to your opinion. But my god, people – your opinion is wrong.

When Trump first announced his candidacy, I thought it was funny. Of course, no one would accept Donald fucking Trump as a realistic choice. Of course they won’t. I mean…wait a minute – he’s LEADING? WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICA???

Do you really mean to tell me that you think that this man can realistically run a country without getting us into such a fucking mess that we can never recover? REALLY?

In the interest of fairness, I think the entire slew of republican candidates is a clown car, but let’s set politics aside. Because I don’t think that Trump supporters are motivated by politics. A smart friend of mine recently commented to me that the people who support him seem to be enamored by his personality (his “outspokenness” to be exact), rather than his political viewpoints and plans. This makes sense, because he really hasn’t exposed any political viewpoints or plans, unless you count ranting about being great and calling people losers is a good country-running plan.

So – it seems likely that that is exactly why Trump is getting and keeping supporters despite his increasingly crazypants, temper-tantrum, blowhard, Stillwell Angel behavior. So let’s talk a little about that.

To support a presidential candidate because of their personality, rather than their politics is insane. It’s worse than insane – it’s dangerous. Particularly when that personality is one like Trump’s. He is unkind. And hateful. And bigoted. And ignorant. And rude. And arrogant. And defensive. And downright mean.

Unkind, hateful, ignorant, rude, arrogant, defensive, mean leaders do not work in politics. Maybe in business, where you are willing to cut the jobs of thousands of people in order to increase your profits it works. You know, for YOU. Bu that kind of person as president will work for no one. We will end up losing valuable allies (the entire world hates him), losing money, losing wars. And hoo-boy, there will be wars. He will have us in conflict with every nation with weapons that have developed beyond rocks and sticks. In a nutshell, if Trump gets elected, WE ARE FUCKED.

But I get that a person’s personality does draw you in. Sometimes you can forget about their qualifications, because they’re just so gosh darn nice. But nice doesn’t run a country any more than mean does. So while I could understand how someone could be swayed by a particularly charismatic, yet inept, politician, let’s not forget that Trump is NOT charismatic. He’s terrible. He’s a terrible, horrible, no good , very bad person. And your support of him is forcing me to make assumption about the person that YOU are, Trump supporter.

This man regularly avoids answering question on anything, from his behavior to, you know – running the country – by resorting to attacking people’s appearance. He calls people losers. He calls them ugly. He calls them fat. He calls them dogs and slobs and bimbos. He retweets white supremacists.

He seems to have a particular hatred towards women. He attacks their looks most of all. He calls breastfeeding disgusting. He has implied that successful women become successful based on their looks alone. He makes derogatory comments about women’s bodies, their bodily functions. He makes period jokes. He likes to tweet, then delete when he’s called on it. He’s a big fan of saying ridiculous things like, “I won’t say that [insert person] is [insert insult], but…” which is the equivalent of “I’m not a racist but…”

He talks big about helping veterans, but new information was just revealed that virtually none of the donations he is begging “for veterans” is actually going to them, but into the deep pockets of his “foundation.” And let’s be honest – he shouldn’t be asking for donations – he’s a billionaire – if he wants to give, he has plenty.

He is a big, fat mouth with no brain attached. He is basically the opposite of everything we teach our kids to be. The opposite of everything we learned in kindergarten. The actual, literal OPPOSITE.

This man has said- and I quote- “I could shoot someone and not lose supporters” and guess what? He’s right! And that right there is why I am writing to you. I know there has to be some tiny little sense of decency in you – you can’t be totally comfortable with this behavior. Because if you are, I (and a lot of others) and going to be making assumptions about you. I know assuming = Ass+U+Me, etc, but until you give me a reason why you are supporting Trump other than his “outspokenness,” I am going to assume that by “outspokenness,” you mean, “willingness to say terrible, bigoted, racist, misogynistic things out loud as if they were true and/or it was OK to say them.” I am going to assume that you like this about him because you ALSO want to say terrible, bigoted, racist, misogynistic things. And I am going to assume you want to say those things because you are a terrible, bigoted, racist misogynist. I think I am justified in these assumptions.

If you claim to support him because of his politics, I am just going to laugh and laugh, because he doesn’t have any. Until he started this nonsense about running for president (which, for him, is a big game. He’s rich and he’s tired of golf. So he’s playing out a whom and the entire country is at stake). Until he decided to make the entire world his fucking monopoly board, he has repeatedly praised Obama, both Clintons, and many other democratic leaders. He has said repeatedly over the years that he is a democrat (or his views are democrat). He has said that he is pro-choice. He has said a lot of things that are the opposite of what he is spewing now. But the world is his stage now and he’s putting on his big, gross GOP costume and you are believing him. But do you really believe him? I don’t think so. I think you’re still stuck on his “outspokenness,” because there are other candidates whose politics match up with whatever you think (or claim to think) Trump’s are. And they have a hell of a lot more experience in politics than Trump does (which is NONE). Pick one of them.

I still won’t agree with your politics, but at least I’ll know you aren’t a hateful troll. So if you’re still supporting this man:

Shame on you.