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My Favorite Overheard Conversation of the Weekend


In Pat Catan’s Crafts, I overheard a young woman (We’ll call her Big Fat Liar) talking to her two older coworkers:

Big Fat Liar: My friend was going through a rough time, so I made her something to cheer her up.

Coworker1: That’s nice – what did you make her?

BFL: Well, she’s always down on herself, thinking she’s not good enough, so I bought a mirror and painted it really pretty, then I stenciled along the bottom, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

Coworkers1&2: AWWWWWW…that is SO SWEET!

BFL: Thanks! I thought it was cute.

Coworker 1: You are so clever! Where did you come up with that?

BFL: I don’t know – I’ve always been really creative. Stuff like that just comes to me.

Oh, really now, Big Fat Liar?