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Random WTFs


I am still working form home because of the flood and earlier this morning, I noticed a weird humming sound. I went all over the house looking for the source, thing that something electronic was malfunctioning. When I couldn’t find it, I noticed that the sound was stronger near my front windows and I went outside. Sure enough, it seems that the sound is coming from across the street, or in the woods further on. And it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. It’s very faint, but just enough that I can’t drown it out with TV or radio (unless I want them blaring, which I very much do not). I think the annoyance magnified by the fact that I have a cold and my ears are clogged and I may possibly be a tiny bit irritable. But still, if that sound doesn’t stop soon, I am either going to stab someone or possibly jump through time (yes, I do watch lost, why do you ask?)


Speaking of humming, the boy came home yesterday and told me he had to write a paragraph that I had to sign. The subject? Why you shouldn’t hum in school. Oooooookay. This particular teacher is NOT my favorite and she has annoyed me a few times, but this one is just weird. It’s just the latest in a long line of things that piss me off about this school. Regardless, it wasn’t a huge deal so I kept my mouth shut.


I just got a text message from an unknown number that just said, “Yes.” I am wondering if the Thera-Flu has led me to groggily propose to a stranger via text message. If so, I will be sure to invite you all to the wedding. Bring presents.